About Us

The Reason for Our Existence

The Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dakotas District Council (MWDDC) is a Jesus Christ centered, progressive, regional fellowship of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW). The PAW is an international ministerial fellowship organization, rooted in the Apostolic-Pentecostal faith, spanning nearly a century of existence.

The MWDDC exists to provide superior service and rich fellowship to our members and associates. The vision of the MWDDC is to be the Apostolic-Pentecostal organization of choice by ministers of like precious faith in our district. MWDDC members and associates remain in fellowship with the organization because it gives them a positive return on their contributions of time, talent and finances.

To this end, the MWDDC provides:

1. Association and identification with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), which has withstood the test of time during religious, economic, social and political epochs both on the international and domestic scene for nearly a century. Hence, PAW is recognized, respected and preferred by many Apostolic-Pentecostal ministries worldwide. It is the mother, flagship organization of contemporary Apostolic-Pentecostals in America and around the world. The PAW brand of preaching is admired for its originality, depth and doctrinal soundness as well as its inspirational style and art form.

The license and credentials of PAW/MWDDC ministers are provided to those who meet organizational requirements. The organization is recognized by the USA government.

 2. Network of ministers and ministries of like precious faith that gives members access to vast pools of talent, skills and sharing other resources. The network in the case of relocation affords lay members of the local congregations the privilege of transferring their status from one congregation to another worldwide.

 3. More rich opportunities for fellowship with pastors, ministers, their spouses, adults and young people alike. Social and spiritual fellowship promotes camaraderie, congregational support in joy and sorrow, spiritual edification, courtship and weddings. Fellowship promotes and supports the Apostolic-Pentecostal culture during pastoral anniversaries, facility dedications and annual conferences and conventions.

 4. Training for pastors, ministers, spouses, adults and young people. By amassing and developing talent over its century of existence, the PAW and MWDDC promote the transfer of skills, knowledge and technology to its members, through its international and district ecclesiastical structure and auxiliaries. The MWDDC is a learning organization and values informed and skilled leadership in its local congregations.

 5. Outlet opportunities for ministry, recreation and service through the organization’s broad and diverse array of churches, schools, missions and ministries nationally and internationally. Based upon its administrative and ecclesiastical order, pastors, ministers and lay members enjoy vast opportunities for promotion and advancement.

 6. The value of accountability is achieved through the PAW/MWDDC administrative and ecclesiastical structure, its rules of procedure and code of conduct. The local PAW/MWDDC congregation is the standard bearer of Apostolic-Pentecostal doctrine and ministry. We seek to reflect the love of Jesus Christ in all that we do.


 MWDDC Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to promote Christian unity, fellowship, and cooperation among clergy and laity of member churches.

To promote Christ-centered devotion and prayer among the membership for the spiritual up building and strengthening of the pastors, leaders and lay members.

To assist existing churches in propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ by sponsoring the planting of churches in designated locations.

To promote spiritual development and accountability and facilitate an environment that enhances integrity and character.

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